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So I realize I never uploaded my hand-made top-hat. 

This is a leather top hat I made for the character Scraps, a robot who’s a tailor that isn’t very good at his job. Hence the lop-lopsidedness and the mix-matched patches and odd stitching.

It’s very comfortable, but made large enough for when I have dreads.  I don’t have dreads yet, so I have to wear that blue headscarf.  Though I rather like that blue so… I might wind up stitching it around the brim joining on the inside, because that little bit’s kind of ugly.

Yes!  My steampunk leather tophat made in two days for the February 16th Steam Powered Giraffe concert. You can find me at SPWF by looking for this hat, I’ll be wearing it even when in street clothes!  I’ll have some goggles on it by then, though.  pin-cushion goggles! 

Because he’s a tailor. 

Get it?

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