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I may not be doing “fandom” things right now due to some conflict with myself, but I still wanted to share this.

This has been a project of mine since May.  And going to WRX only sealed the deal for me. 

Steam Powered Giraffe changed my life.  For better or for worse has yet to be seen.  But it did things that nothing else would ever have done.

SPG made me overcome my fear of flying, put me on a plane for the first time since I was nine (I’m going to be twenty six in January) and got me to New Jersey. 

SPG made me learn to drive because I wanted to go to an event and couldn’t get a ride there.  So I learned how to drive and got my license so I could go. 

SPG helped me find friends that I hope will be life long friends, no matter where life takes us. 

SPG taught me that I need to start letting things go, and try to make my life something that I enjoy. 

SPG taught me that it’s okay to stutter, that not everyone thinks this stutter of mine is annoying, or stupid. 

SPG taught me that I’m worth something.

So when I look at Steam Powered Giraffe merch, that’s what I see.  Whatever drama is going on, whatever I may think of various people at the moment, whatever fence I’m on about whatever decision is being made, looking at the signatures on these CD’s reminds me of fun days at the zoo, of car trips to conventions, of Denny’s and gardens and beaches.  Of long nights spent laughing in chat rooms until the sun came up and we had to scatter to the winds. 

This may be a box of SPG “stuff” but for me, it’s memories of good times, good friends, and experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I’m very proud of my shadow box.  Sadly, there are things that couldn’t fit in it.  Like the DVD, and my signed ukulele.  But there’s the kazoo from the Two Cent Show concert, a kazookaphone to see how far they’ve come.  Albums and bracelets new and old. 

Not just things, but times, now frozen in a box that I look at every day that I walk into my room.  My friends, that are all the way across the country, or even in other countries.  My way of having them close to me when I feel down.  Thank you to all my friends, my life wouldn’t be the same without you.

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